To the End of the Road we go!

The clouds cleared just in time for us to receive this magnificant view of the falls at Waimea Canyon.
Waimea Canyon: We went up early, getting to the end of the trail by about 10:30am. By “end of the trail”, I mean past mile marker 18 to “Pu’u o Kila Lookout. It’s definitely worth the extra few turns to go all the way to the end! Past the lookout, there are some trail options that I wish we would have been more prepared to do at least some of…we ventured about ¾ of a mile down the trail before our common sense that we had nothing on us & the rain was getting heavier turned us around! Even though it was an early morning and the kids felt like the turns were getting to them in the back, in the end, they said it was one of our more memorable & fun road trips on Kauai! I was surprised by this because let’s face it…it’s all about scenery and 2 out of 3 of my girls are teenagers!

Our 3 goof balls, making the most of the scenic drive!

This is the “treat” past mike marker 18! There is a trail here that brings you to the coast.

Here’s John about to embark down the trail a bit. The weather changes quickly here & the rain turned him around!

The Lodge at Koke’e & the meadow it sits in was so inviting on our way back since it really began to rain hard…so we stopped! We’re so glad we did as their menu was just what we needed for an early lunch or late breakfast, they were flexible! The Banana cake was one of the yummiest we have ever had anywhere. The service was very welcoming & the shop had some different tourist trinkets that we hadn’t seen yet. The one thing that surprised me here was that this was the only place we came across that sold chicken feed to feed the chickens! We couldn’t resist & bought a bag…which we proceeded to throw on our children’s bodies and hair as they got surrounded by 50-100 hungry the pouring rain!! We all had a good laugh about it but no more then the warm dry bodies in the Lodge watching our crazy family as they ate their meals!

This place was such a “scenic’ surprise! No one imagines Pine trees and meadows in the tropics!
We had one of our best meals here & the staff was very welcoming. I had a local tell me that the chickens are allowed to be fed here in Koke’e as they are considered I guess that means the beach front chickens arent?!

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