Heaven On Earth in Hanalei!


North Shore & Hanalei: (Otherswise known as Heaven on Earth!)

Kilauea Lighthouse was one of the first stops we made on the north shore. We felt that it was a waste of $20 bucks for our family as we only spent about 15 minutes there tops. Yes it’s pretty but there are so many other prettier places on Kauai & they are FREE!!

So much for a cultural experience, it’s all about the boobies!

We had way more fun for FREE at Queen’s Bath in Princeville! Each of us loved the short hike through the “jungle”…it was shady & cool and had a small stream with water fall too. It was such a treat to see the incredible views from the lava rocks at the end of the hike. We also were in luck as there were 4-5 sea turtles swimming close to shore. I would definitely recommend good water shoes for the slippery rocks here.

The trail to Queen’s bath is narrow & steep so wear good shoes!

The walk over the lave rocks was fun & the “Bath” was warm, Jordan jumped right in!

We went to Hanalei Bay 3 times during our 7 day stay (& that was even with the threat of sharks that week!). We just absolutely fell in love with that little slice of paradise. I can’t put it into words that could do that place justice, it’s just magical!

Hanalei Valley Lookout was breathtaking!

It was never crowded, each person we encountered, local or otherwise was super friendly, and the water was warm and calm.

Taylor & Jordan at Hanalei, with the pier in the background

We met lots of families with dogs that we played with In the water. Our two favorites were “Koby” a full grown Great Dane who is a recent cancer survivor & had a front leg amputated. This dog didn’t miss a step and was playing as happily as the kids were. What an inspiration!

Our friend Jay with Koby, the happiest dog on Kauai!

The other was a VERY hairy black/white Australian Sheppard who seemed as though it lived on or near the beach. We never met the owner but the dog seemed to be waiting a lot under a truck, perhaps for an owner who was at work on one of the boats giving tours. Anyway, when we brought the Paddle ball set out, this dog ran over and watched the game, moving it’s head to follow the serve of the ball diligently!

This shaggy dog never took its eyes off the ball as we played on the beach!

The girls wanted to jump off the sides of the pier like so many of the local kids that were like 5 yrs old! After they got rid of their fear of Hammer head sharks possibly lurking in the atwer, they decided to try it. The water was crystal clear & you could see schools andschools of fish…but thankfully, no sharks!

Here’s Jordan & Kayla enjoying their jumps!


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