Sonoma Girls trip Summer 2008



Sonoma is where it all began…our annual girl’s trip about 9 years ago. Each summer, my closest high school friends manage to carve out a small bit of time away from our families, jobs, and other life obligations to meet up. Our first trip to Sonoma was fun but to be truthful, none of us really knew much about wine! I was content with “Franzia in a box” ( I know, sinful!)!
Aside from catching up with Karri, Lorri, Julie, and Dina, I was really excited to explore the wineries with a little bit more knoweldge under my belt! I KNOW what I like & I know what I DON’T like but I couldn’t tell you why! So, I don’t pretend to taste all the different fruits and spices within each taste but I can tell you I like one over another. So, I keep tasting until I can figure it out!
Each trip, a different girl plans our lodging and this year was Julie’s turn. We were very impressed with our first glimpse of “The Lodge in Sonoma”. It did in fact look a lodge you would imagine at the edge of the woods. It had great flowers all around the property as well as gardens for their herbs and vegetables that they used in their restaurant. 

Our only initial disapointement was our first room, which was facing the busy street below and had street noise so the spacious balcony couldn’t be enjoyed. Not to worry though, Julie to the rescue! She quickly called the front desk and secured us a “Casita” in the back of the property! We scored! It was sooo quaint and much more roomy than the hotel style room we just gave up…this was our own little apartment with a ground patio space w/ just enough furniture for us 5 ladies to relax on. It was also within walking distanc to the pool, which is always important on a girls trip!

Here are the girls enjoying some patio time before we head to the relaxing pool!

As for the wine tasting, we hit quite a few but the most memorable was The Ledson Winery In Kenwood on Sonoma hwy.( ). Not only was the property impeccable but the “castle” on the estate was breathtaking! The people were super friendly and the wine was the best that we tasted over the two days.

We had such an enjoyable couple of days here in Sonoma & you really can’t go wrong no matter where you stay or where you taste, it’s all good!

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