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Boss man in Europe!


My boss is on his first ever Europe trip and took his lovely wife and two college aged kids. Lucky them! I am green with envy!  Here is a bit of his electronic postcard to me:



 ” Amsterdam is beautiful and awesome at the same time!  We went on a tour through the Red Light district, the Anne Frank house, the Van Gough museum, the Heineken museum/tour, and have done a lot of walking.  I absolutely love all the canals and narrow brick streets, and architecture, as well as the quaint little restaurants and bars.  The bread here is incredible. “

Dont’cha just love sensing someone’s excitement over a destination that is new to them!?  I do!




Top 5 Extreme Adventures – #5 Spelunking/Caving


I always thought I would enjoy spelunking, and I think I would except that I would prefer LARGE caves with high ceilings! Lookint through some of these pictures and how small some of the spcases are, makes me feel like I have a pit in my stomach!

Could you do it or have you done it?

How to Stay Chic While Packing Light


wow, this a great reference guide on how to pack well and look good when you get there!

Colesville Travel's Weblog

When you pack light, there is a constant battle between what to take and what not to take. Usually, a backpack or small suitcase will only have enough room to accommodate the essentials when it comes to clothes. When you’re travelling, the essentials are comfortable clothes that are easy to wash, can be worn wrinkled and are versatile. This doesn’t leave a lot of room for nicer clothes . . . or does it?

Unless you’re a hiker, chances are that there will come a time during your travels when you’ll need to wear something a little nicer or fancier than usual. While on vacation, you may want to indulge in a nice dinner or visit a lounge and you certainly do not want to go out looking like a bum or dressed inappropriately.  So, I have put together a few fashion tips, for the ladies only, for the weary…

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