Big Girl, Big City!


I’m headed to San Francisco this weekend with 3 friends to celebrate a 40th b-day for one of them.

I’m really excited to explore and enjoy the city by the bay as a grown up without purpose, such as a soccer tournament & entertaining 3 children through a weekend!

I used to live up North so going to the city was a regular occasion for me.  Back then though, I was either driven there with my family or it was for school field trips! This picture, for example, was from a school visit to Alcatraz.  Our Psychology teacher lived on the Island as a child since his doctor was one of the primary physicians on the Island.  His real life experiences & memories that he shared with us students gave us a glimpse into Alcatraz that isn’t found on most tours!

I look so carefree in this picture, not a worry in the world! 17, just shy of graduating in a few weeks & heading to Hawaii for a grad trip!  I never got to “experience” the city as a carefree adult though! I moved south at 18 &  all of my subsequent visits to the Bay have been with my family in tow so it  usually involved many soccer fields, visits to Pier 39 & the usual tourist areas. I always enjoyed those fun weekends & we built many fond memories of our road trips.  There is something to be said though for shedding the responsibilities of your normal everyday life to enjoy a fabulous location like this!

I won’t be visiting Alcatraz this time but if you are headed to the city soon, be sure to book your tour early, they fill up fast! Click here for more information. In the meantime, my next few posts will be SF related!

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