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Everyone can do it!

They at least looked good trying to paddle together!

We came up to the North shore again to go kayaking on Hanalei River. We called in advance but were told no reservations would be required. We rented 2 triple kayaks & 1 double kayak for our group of 8. The Kayak shop we used is the first one after the Hanalei Bridge, next to the “Blue Dolphin Restaurant”. It was $64 for a triple kayak that you could take up the river or down to the bay, just not OUT of the bay! (Also, they had great bikini’s here for unbeleivable prices & our teen daughters ended up buying two for under $25 TOTAL!) We got on the water by 10:30am & it wasn’t crowded at all. There were other people on the river but not too many. This is an excursion that is definitely fun for all ages so I would consider it for yourself if you haven’t done so already! The views were stunning with overgrown banks of lush vegitation, not to mention the water was clear & warm!

View from the front of our Kayak!

We had our two teen daughters & their friend on one triple Kayak, John, myself & Paige on the 2nd triple Kayak and our friends Ruth & Jay on a double. Even without any previous experience, we all seemed to handle the meandering Hanalei River quite easily…well, except for that whole directional thing with our paddle!! Thank goodness for strong men at this juncture, lol! Seriously, it made for some great fun to watch the girls try to paddle in unison and not run into the banks or other kayakers & I was just thankful that John was compensating for any of my own mistakes! We did have one very memorable “incident” while kayaking, but it’s so good, it deserves it’s own special post in a day or two!