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Spiders in Kauai?! Now this is where I have to share a funny story!

Our eldest daughter is very frightened of spiders and freaks when she even sees a web! Walking thru our resort, we noticed a web above our heads leading into our building. The web was huge but we never saw the spider who owned it. She walked the long way around it each day! In our parking lot, we noticed a similar web in some of the flower bushes. Upon closer inspection, we saw a very large ugly spider sitting right In the middle of it. The spider was unique in that it seemed to spin a “zig-zag” stitch about 1-2 inches on either side of it’s resting spot within the web. The spider itself was about 3-4 inches from leg to leg, brown and white with a large fuzzy body that looked like it could be the center of a flower, with bits of yellow on it. I zoomed in & took my “Nat-geo” pic!

A few days later, while kayaking on Hanalei River, our friend noted that she enjoyed hiking on Kauai so much because it lacked snakes & she never saw spiders. It was at this time that we had pulled our kayaks into the shade of the banks near the Hanalei Bridge. My husband had asked me to gently tie our rope to a twig so we wouldn’t drift off. I did that as we were having this conversation & I told her I had a very good picture of a spider that she would never want to see up close anywhere! I pulled out the camera and began to search for the shot. In the meantime, I hadn’t noticed that my kayak had become untied & we were drifting ever so slowly closer to the banks & the hanging plants. For some reason, I happened to look up & found myself literally inches away, eye level from one of those huge, ugly spiders!!!

What was the spider from Hell doing in Kauai anyway??

The Kayak was leading me right to it! You have never seen a full grown person flatten themselves down so quickly, all while I was screaming my head off, spoiling the peace & quiet for any other kayakers nearby. The rest of my group was laughing hysterically while my husband tried in vain to pull us away from the shore as I had become helpless & thrown my paddle into the water and was literally trying to slither my flattened body off of our kayak & onto my children’s kayak! After that, I insisted we stay in the center of the river, no more shade stops for us! I only wish someone had their video camera going because I know it would have made the cut on America’s funniest videos! Aww. vacation memories, gotta love them, even if the laugh is on you!