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A Pirate’s lookout in Laguna Beach!?


Laguna Beach is crammed with tourists most of the year. It’s nice to be local enough to know where the “off the beaten path” beaches are to escape the crowds. THIS one is really fun & definitely hard to find if you are not a local! If you find it, welcome to Victoria Beach!

Don’t be too shocked to see what looks like a pirates lookout on the edge of the cliffs overlooking the tide pools! I’ve been to many, many beaches but never one that creates such a dramatic backdrop for imaginary playtime! I had heard that it belonged to the house that sits above it, that one of the previous owners used to hide coins in and around it for children to find. I also read in THIS blog, that Bette Midler is on the list of people who have owned the home and castle tower at one time.

I stayed in a beach house on this beach for a long weekend with my family a few years back and it was one of our most memorable “stay cations”! Close enough to town but remote enough to be hidden!


Click HERE for more information on how to find this beach & castle!

Up close in Big Sur!


I’ve lived in California since I was 10 yrs. old.  I’ve seen ALOT of amazing things and people in this state! However, this one experience really trumps the others!

On our way back to LA from Monterey, we decided to take HWY 1 back. If you’ve ever traveled it, you know it can be exhilerating and nauseating at the same time!  On this day however, it was incredible.  Each corner filled with a new view of the pacific and the coast.

As the road straightened out before us, just north of the Hurst Castle area, we stumbled upon this beach. What an amazing sight, the whole beach was covered with these seals! The best part was that only a slight burm and a rope separated us from this lively creatures! The beach had volunteer docents who shared their knowledge of the migration of the seals and their habits on shore. All of it for FREE!!

Elephant Seals

Lake near the Vineyards of the Central Coast, CA


Our 3rd floor balcony in the Evan’s Home hosted this lovely view each day!

We go this lake each summer & if we’re not staying with friends on their property, we rent this house in Oak Shores. The home sits on Lake Nacimiento which is in the hills around Paso Robles. I recommend visiting Paso Robles & Lake Nacimiento in late July so that you can enjoy the California Mid-State Fair.. There are plenty of wineries to visit, just check this out!

Picturesque Vineyard


View from the window inside the tasting room!

Wild Coyote Winery
I had a great experience wine tasting here. They also have Casitas on sight for rent. The whole place will make you feel like you’ve stepped into New Mexico but make no mistake, this is in Paso Robles, Ca!

Off to the “Ellen Show” today!


Living in So. Cal has it’s perks! One of them is being able to get to watch TV show tapings! I’m off to see the “Ellen Show” today with two friends & my 14 yr. old daughter.


This is not my first time seeing her tape her show. I’ve been lucky enough, and it DOES take luck, to attend one taping per season for the last 3-4 years! I’ll get to the “luck” part later!

The picture below shows just how fun and rewarding a taping to Ellen can be! During that taping, we all won the X-box 360 Kinect! Whoo hoo!!! The first time I went, we all won vacumn cleaners! You would’ve thought we won cars at how excited we were!


Last year, we went to a taping that featured Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony promoting their reality show “Q Viva”. They gave us each a Samsung Tablet! Nice gift but I already owned an Ipad so I sold mine for full price, sweet! My sister still uses hers and loves it.


We don’t always walk out with fabulous gifts and we don’t always get “in” the show! Sometimes, we end up in Ellen’s “Riff-raff” room. The Riff-raff room is the over flow room, it’s where all the Ellen gear is sold and you watch the show being taped on closed circuit TV. The nice thing about the “Riff-Raff” room, is that you are guaranteed a future ticket back. They give you a calendar with open dates and you can pick. In this case, we went in September and were offered return dates in January or February. Also, if there is a gift give away, the Riff-raffers get it too!

People ask me all the time how I get tickets to her show and the answer is easy! Go to her website and request them!
The “luck” part is that you have to time it when there is open availability. That is where patience kicks in! I typically begin checking her site DAILY in August, knowing that the new season will begin soon. Once the calendar is open, you can see what dates have ticket requests available. To better my chances, I enter a request on multiple dates and also under the names of the 3 other people I would like to bring with me. The reason for this is because not every request gets fulfilled. So if I enter 4 names under multiple available dates, it increases our chances of at least one of us being contacted. That is how my friends & I have found success.

Click HERE to get to the ELLEN Website for ticket request information & maybe my good luck will rub off on you!