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Girls Night Out in Hollywood


I’ve been promising my 14 year old that I would take her to see KEANE next time they hit LA. We’ve been fans of this British band for a while & I have yet to miss them when they do play here.

Paige was pretty excited to have a night out around the famous Hollywood & Vine area, which is where the beautiful Pantages Theatre is located. We ate at the bar of CLEO’S Restuarant, which is located inside the REDBURY HOTEL. Both were designed by photographer Matthew Rolston. I can’t wait to come back here with my husband for the full grown up night out experience!

Not only was the time spent with my music-loving daughter fantastic, the concert was great as usual but the highlight of the evening for her was a run in with Nick Jonas of Jonas Brothers fame. He was sitting with a friend just 3 rows up from us. He was very kind to her & indulged her with this picture!


I think she liked him even more after she realized he appreciated the sounds of KEANE!

Take a listen!

And if you ever get a chance to see a show inside the Pantages Theatre, go for it! The space is phenomenal!

Here is the ceiling!


Off to the “Ellen Show” today!


Living in So. Cal has it’s perks! One of them is being able to get to watch TV show tapings! I’m off to see the “Ellen Show” today with two friends & my 14 yr. old daughter.


This is not my first time seeing her tape her show. I’ve been lucky enough, and it DOES take luck, to attend one taping per season for the last 3-4 years! I’ll get to the “luck” part later!

The picture below shows just how fun and rewarding a taping to Ellen can be! During that taping, we all won the X-box 360 Kinect! Whoo hoo!!! The first time I went, we all won vacumn cleaners! You would’ve thought we won cars at how excited we were!


Last year, we went to a taping that featured Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony promoting their reality show “Q Viva”. They gave us each a Samsung Tablet! Nice gift but I already owned an Ipad so I sold mine for full price, sweet! My sister still uses hers and loves it.


We don’t always walk out with fabulous gifts and we don’t always get “in” the show! Sometimes, we end up in Ellen’s “Riff-raff” room. The Riff-raff room is the over flow room, it’s where all the Ellen gear is sold and you watch the show being taped on closed circuit TV. The nice thing about the “Riff-Raff” room, is that you are guaranteed a future ticket back. They give you a calendar with open dates and you can pick. In this case, we went in September and were offered return dates in January or February. Also, if there is a gift give away, the Riff-raffers get it too!

People ask me all the time how I get tickets to her show and the answer is easy! Go to her website and request them!
The “luck” part is that you have to time it when there is open availability. That is where patience kicks in! I typically begin checking her site DAILY in August, knowing that the new season will begin soon. Once the calendar is open, you can see what dates have ticket requests available. To better my chances, I enter a request on multiple dates and also under the names of the 3 other people I would like to bring with me. The reason for this is because not every request gets fulfilled. So if I enter 4 names under multiple available dates, it increases our chances of at least one of us being contacted. That is how my friends & I have found success.

Click HERE to get to the ELLEN Website for ticket request information & maybe my good luck will rub off on you!