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Ear Pain When Flying? Here’s a Solution


I flew ONE time with a bad cold and the ear pain I experienced then has left that same ear vunerable each time I fly. Sometimes it’s bearable, sometimes it not! I may have to consider checking into something stronger than gum and a stiff drink!

Don’t Speak the Language? Here’s How


I will definitely need to add some of these before our trip next spring but am also hoping that the new Rosetta Stone I just bought my husband will be life saver for the Spanish part of our travels!

Are Your Ready For a Spa Vacation?


I’ll take a spa vacation please!

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A Caribbean spa vacation may be right up your alley if you are looking for some place warm and inviting to take your next vacation.

Spa Day – Facial, Massage and Fragrances

Picture yourself relaxing in a tropical paradise sipping lemongrass tea while the ocean waves lap at the shore! Can you imagine anything more beautiful than sunrises or sunsets over alabaster sand beaches? There are several spas available in the Caribbean for your vacationing pleasure and here are a few of the top choices.

Sandals Resorts and Spa

One of the most well-known spa resorts on the planet is Sandals; they have locations in Jamaica, Bahamas, Antigua and St. Lucia. This chain of spas has often been voted the most luxurious couples oriented retreats, they specialize in wedding and honeymoon accommodations. Their Nassau location boasts beautiful tropical gardens, crystalline beaches and lavish suites, some as large as a…

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What’s the best social network for travel?


What’s the best social network for travel?.  I begin all my research for any trip, near or far at Tripadvisor. I’ve found the resources here to be very complete, user friendly for even the beginning traveler but savvy enough for those that are blessed enough to travel often.  

One of the many features I enjoy is being able to see REAL pictures of hotels, not fancy marketing shots that may hide a location’s imperfections. I’d rather know that a hotel is within ear shot of a huge construction project or that the building next door is a night club, etc..

There are many choices out there for utilizing social networking and travel but  Trip Advisor is still my go to site for being as real as it gets!